Shen Shaomin at Arsenale 2012


Thai Video Arts Screening at Osage Gallery


A screening program of new and recent video art and experimental films by artists and filmmakers from Thailand. This diverse group of young artists and filmmakers share certain style, sentimentality and value through video and short film in the search for the perfect means of expression and the meaning of life. Selected by Narawan Pathomvat 1. [...]

ART HK announces Shen Shaomin’s participation in ART HK Projects.


I sleep on Top of Myself by Chinese artists Shen Shaomin is a series of works consist of animal sculptures which are made of silicon rubber, their nests are made of the feather plucked out from their own body. The animals lie down on the feathers, and the built-in mechanical respiratory system gives a sense of life . The series [...]

Lure @ Hiroshima MOCA


"I believe we all have a social responsibility for promoting the arts in our communities, whether it be through a commercial or non-commercial platform is irrelevant."

– Agnes Lin