Preview: January Exhibitions in Osage Kwun Tong

Osage is bringing a triple exhibition for the first month of 2012 including Adrian Wong’s traveling exhibition Troglodyte See the Light; Lee Kit’s Art Statement exhibition ‘How to set up a room for Johnny‘ for Art Basel 2011 and a group exhibition called No Longer Human by three Hong Kong-based artists. You are all invited to the opening reception where we kick start a series of exciting events for 2012!

Adrian WONG, Kaspar Hauser, Ramachandra, & Natascha the Dog Girl of Chita, 2011

Troglodyte See the Light, a solo exhibition by Adrian Wong in collaboration with David Boyce and Lee Weng Choy, was conceived as a structured means of exploring the boundaries and limitations of language. Having undergone several prolonged periods of premeditated and situational isolation (via meditation, extended stays in remote areas, and acute bouts of agoraphobia), Adrian Wong became acutely aware of the increasingly fragmented nature of his internal monologue. These breakages from conventional means of communication highlighted the rarely attended-to nature of pre-linguistic thought, the subject of the present investigation.

Lee Kit, Ideal Standard: (A perfect setting: nothing to do at home with the hand- painted cloth as table cloth and window curtain, 5-4-2005.) 2005.


‘How to set up a room for Johnny?’ was presented in the Art Statements section of Art Basel 2011. Lee Kit created a typical Hong Kong demonstration flat with a living room, a toilet, a bedroom, and a small kitchen. Various hand- painted cloths and cardboard paintings infiltrate this domestic prop for an imaginary character. Lee devises a situation that delves into our consciousness through seeing, feeling, acting, and simply being. Like a sudden epiphany, we are left to deal with our own emotions and memories privately. Osage Gallery is proud to present this exhibition by artist Lee Kit at Osage Kwun Tong.

Nadim ABBAS, It is Afternoon in Utopia, 2012

No Longer Human, a group exhibition by artists Nadim Abbas, Erkka Nissinen and Magdalen Wong, probes into the processes that reveal and hide our physical and psychological needs and desires. The show is devised and will feature new installation works by HK based artists, Nadim Abbas, Erkka Nissinen and Magdalen Wong. Departing from the typical exhibition model which dictates that the relationship between the viewer and the artwork should be one of passive contemplation, No Longer Human attempts to create situations in which viewers actively complete the artist’s imaginary.



January 14, 2012 – February 12, 2012 

Opening reception
Friday 13 January, 6-8pm
Osage Gallery, Kwun Tong

2793 4817 

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